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VivianPag ответил в теме The importance of symbolic play
The importance of symbolic play
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п»ї<title>Men are also victims of domestic violence</title>

When we refer to domestic violence, the image of a man mistreating a woman automatically comes to mind. It is normal, because this type of violence is the most visible and the most frequent. It is true that the number of women who are abused is undoubtedly higher than that of men. But, in spite of this, we cannot forget about them.
Although cases of men abused by their partners are not frequent, this does not mean that they do not exist.
According to the General Council of the Judiciary of Spain in 2007 only 2 men died at the hands of their partners, in 2008 the figure increased to 6, in 2009 it reached 10 men victims of domestic violence and in 2010 and 2011 the figure remained at 7. These figures contrast drastically with the number of women who are victims of this type of violence. In 2009, for example, in the case of women, the figure was 55 victims.
Silent domestic violenceThe Spanish National Institute of Statistics pointed out that only a quarter of domestic violence complaints correspond to aggression by a woman against her partner. The rest are all complaints in reverse, women victims of domestic violence.
The men we previously noted as victims of murder at the hands of their partners had an average age of 45 years. In no case was there a report of possible abuse. Perhaps, shame prevents them from asking for help or filing a complaint. However, we must not forget that battered people have serious problems in seeking support.
Abused people not only suffer physical aggression, but also psychological aggression. This causes them to distance themselves from their family and friends, to feel ashamed of what is happening to them and to be afraid of antagonizing their abuser.
The lack of visibility of men who are abused means that society knows very little about this reality.
The worst thing that can happen is that the abused person finds the situation "normal". This will prevent him from coming to his senses and seeing reality for what it is. Many abused men did not consider their abusive situation as "abnormal". This is a problem that prevents them from asking for help or filing a complaint.
But the most important thing to recognize is that this fear affects all people who are abused equally, regardless of their gender. Because it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. Although in terms of laws there is a clear inequality in this regard.
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Abuse is the same for everyoneChild abuse, abuse of women or abuse of men. All these types of abuse are the same, the only thing that changes is the age and whether the victim is a woman or a man. In spite of this, domestic violence against men is sometimes even less serious.
You only have to discover on the Internet a multitude of videos made in this regard. How do people react to a man who mistreats a woman in the street or a woman who mistreats a man? Here is an example:
Is a man less vulnerable than a woman? The violence in the video is exactly the same, the only difference is that with the woman almost everyone around her comes to her defense. What happens with the man? Laughter, people who even record the situation....
Gender violence has a much greater penalty than domestic violence and this favors the lack of visibility of abused men.
Men who suffer domestic violence are also slapped and have objects thrown at them when they come home. They bear bruises and marks on different parts of their bodies as a result of the abuse. It does not matter if they are large or if it is implausible that they could be abused by their partner. A person, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman, can be a victim of violence.
Gender violence is very different from domestic violence. That is why in Spain women enjoy much more legal protection in this respect. A threat against a woman is considered a criminal offense, whereas if the victim is a man it is considered a minor offense. But, a threat is still a threat, a slap is still a slap regardless of who receives it. Shouldn't the consequence be the same, whether you are a man or a woman?
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Face-to-face relationships are the only ones that bring genuine wellbeing
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п»ї<title>The right to privacy and intimacy</title>

The need for privacy is part of being human. In order to develop and develop our identity and personality, we need to understand certain aspects of our individual lives. Thus, we understand that human beings have a private life, that part that is not devoted to a public activity and to which third parties should not have access.
It is clear that with the evolution of new technologies, some of the personal rights are more threatened, such as the right to intimacy and privacy. As well as the combination of these rights and the right to freedom of information, especially since the development of social networks and the Internet.
This article will analyze the right to privacy and intimacy, its limits and its relationship with new technologies.
The right to privacy and private lifeRespect for private life and intimacy, both personal and family, are fundamental values of the human being.
Thus, the right to privacy, private life or intimacy arises as a fundamental human right, thanks to which one has the power to exclude or protect certain aspects of one's life from others. This right includes:
The right to inviolability of the home.
The right to inviolability of correspondence.
The right to the inviolability of private communications.
The right to honor.
The right to one's own image.
The right not to participate in collective life and to isolate oneself voluntarily.
The right not to be disturbed.
In addition, these rights are related to many others, such as the right not to externalize one's thoughts (part of freedom of expression) or freedom of procreation and sexual preference.
These rights are considered fundamental human rights and are established by various international instruments.
For example, Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that no one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, correspondence or home, or to attacks on his honor and reputation. It also states that everyone has the right to be protected by law against such attacks or interferences.
What are the limits to the right to privacy?
Governments face a dilemma when it comes to protecting the individual's right to privacy. We find it difficult to maintain the balance between the right to privacy of its citizens and the protection of these against robbery, kidnapping, terrorist attacks, etc.
Thus, we find that, if the right to privacy is interpreted in absolute terms, criminal prosecution would be prevented. The following factors delimit the right to privacy:
Protection of public order, health and morality.
Protection of national health.
Protection of the rights and freedoms of other individuals.
Some constitutions expressly mention the right to privacy. Others have it implicitly through laws that protect against unlawful invasion of privacy. At this point, it should be noted that privacy is more vulnerable in the face of advances in espionage techniques.
Privacy and the development of the InternetThere is no doubt that the Internet has brought about a true revolution in all aspects of our lives. Today, we are all creators of content for the Web, thanks to online publishing and editing tools. This phenomenon is reflected in blogs, opinion forums and social networks.
This situation has sparked the debate on the right to privacy: what do we mean by privacy? How do we protect these rights on the Web?
We think that essential online services are free, but in reality we are paying for them with our own data. Many people argue that companies are financed by generic advertising, but this income is insufficient: our profile, tastes and consumption habits are data that are being collected on the Internet for commercial purposes (this is what is known as selective advertising), economic, political or security purposes.
An example of this information transfer is cookies, a file that is sent to your computer to identify your browser. Cookies are used to improve the quality of service by storing user preferences and behavioral trends.
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The development of benevolence, according to the Orientals.
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п»ї<title>How to regain mental strength</title>

In today's age we have endless opportunities for entertainment, with communication channels open 24 hours a day. We live in a world full of stimuli, in which we can chain one after another without a break and without time to regain mental strength. We can finish watching one episode of our favorite series and continue watching the next without pause.
With the daily hustle and bustle, fewer and fewer people give themselves the opportunity to be in touch with themselves, with the consequences that this entails.
"Every kind of life, without alternative breaks, is not lasting."
Necessary rest for mental strengthDespite the well-known benefits of mental rest, we find it hard to give up these pleasurable stimuli. Day after day we saturate our mental system, without realizing that rest is only in the hands of a will that sometimes we do not exercise. This happens because we are not aware that the world will not give us a break if we do not ask for it.
Curiously, a certain candy company recently created No-WiFi-free zones. In these areas there are devices that block any signal that would allow us to access the Internet.
At the same time, they offer comfortable seating. What they seek is as simple as it is clear: to enjoy a good book or a conversation without the interruptions of modern technology. Have we become so addicted that we need spaces that free us from the constant notifications and bombardment of information?
"It has become frighteningly obvious that our technology has overtaken our humanity."
-Albert Einstein
Options to disconnect and restThere are several solutions to put the mind blank without being imposed from outside. Simple remedies for which it is only necessary to reserve some time, but that will allow us to recover that mental strength so necessary to move forward.
Among these solutions is meditation, which consists in doing breathing exercises, without noise or distractions around, to enter into introspection, handling positive and relaxing messages. With the aim of achieving, finally, not to think about anything that can generate stress in our daily routine.
Another option is to dedicate 15 minutes (or more if desired) to oneself. It can be taking a relaxing bath, taking a nap or listening to relaxing music. Close your eyes and imagine it, it already relaxes you, doesn't it? Why does it cost us more to dedicate some time to this than to surfing the Internet? Think about it for a moment.
To disconnect, another possibility is to perform certain physical activities to force the mind not to think. It can be a perfectly structured exercise in company, or a solitary walk in which we propose not to follow any type of routine. Simply walking, being active.
"He who does not have two-thirds of the day to himself is a slave, whatever he may be, politician, merchant, civil servant or scholar."
-Friedrich Nietzsche-
In addition, there are other techniques that you can also try, such as the one that consists of looking at an object (for example, a lit candle) and concentrating only on it without stopping to think about anything else. Gradually, the mind will begin to evade allowing a few minutes of internal silence to eliminate the external one.
Finally, do not forget that no matter how much today's society tries to give you stimuli, you have the power to renounce them and the possibility of the pleasure that this sometimes means. Disconnecting is necessary to have again all our mental strength.
Losing yourself to find yourself again or going out to take a breath and come back in are pleasures that we deny ourselves, that sometimes we do not even imagine for fear of missing things that actually happen much more slowly than our own environment makes us think. Let a moment go so that you can at that very moment gain more.
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There are things I don't want to forget
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п»ї<title>Corticosteroids: what are they and what are they for?</title>

Corticosteroids, or more commonly known as glucocorticoids, are the most effective anti-inflammatory treatment for respiratory diseases. Thus, they are commonly used in the treatment of diseases such as asthma.
They are primary stress hormones that regulate a variety of physiological processes and are essential for life. The actions of glucocorticoids are predominantly mediated through the classical glucocorticoid receptor (GR).
Glucocorticoid receptors are found throughout our body, but mostly in tissues. Thus, their mechanism of action is based on genomic effects that have beneficial and adverse consequences.
What are corticosteroids? Corticosteroids, specifically the glucocorticoids we are talking about, were discovered in the 1940s as extracts from the adrenal cortex. We are talking about a class of steroid hormones released by the adrenal gland.
This term encompasses both glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids. However, the term "corticosteroids" is generally used to refer to glucocorticoids.
Corticosteroids or glucocorticoids regulate various cellular functions, including development, homeostasis, metabolism, cognition and inflammation. These hormones have an immunomodulatory function, meaning that they are used as a treatment in various diseases with the goal of strengthening the immune system.
In fact, it could be said that they have become a clinical mainstay for the treatment of numerous inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
Examples are asthma, allergy, septic shock, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease or multiple sclerosis. Unfortunately, the therapeutic benefits of corticosteroids are limited by the adverse side effects associated with high doses and long-term use.
Corticosteroid uses and adverse effectsCorticosteroids, specifically glucocorticoids, are used as treatment in multiple diseases. These are some of them:
Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system.
Autoimmune encephalitis.
Vasculitis of the central nervous system.
Transverse myelitis.
Chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy.
Myasthenia gravis.
Polymyositis and dermatomyositis.
Duchene muscular dystrophy.
Multiple mononeuritis.
Weight gain and fat redistributionProbably the most common side effect occurs in patients who are chronically administered corticosteroids or glucocorticoids. It is thought to be related to increased appetite and dyspepsia that is relieved by diet.
Osteoporosis and fractureOsteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to weaken, increasing the risk of erosion or fracture. People with osteoporosis frequently break bones in the hip, spine and wrist.
Up to 40% of patients medicated with glucocorticoids develop a fracture related to bone loss. Risk factors associated with glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis include some such as:
Advanced age.
Low body mass index.
An underlying chronic inflammatory disease.
Certain glucocorticoid receptor genotypes.
OsteonecrosisOsteonecrosis is a bone disease that can cause pain or limit physical activity. It can affect anyone, but usually affects people between 30 and 60 years of age (3).
It occurs in 5-40% of patients treated with glucocorticoids. It often occurs with higher doses and longer duration of therapy, but may occur with short-term exposure.
Ocular complicationsOne problem that can occur related to glucocorticoid intake is cataracts. This is an ocular problem that consists of a clouding of the natural lens (or crystalline lens) of the eye, which is located behind the iris and pupil (4).
They are usually found in the posterior subcapsular location and differ from senile cataracts in that they are often bilateral and more progressive.
So, as you have seen, corticosteroids are usually referred to as glucocorticoids. These glucocorticoids are used as treatment in multiple diseases and are activators of the immune system. However, their use is limited by the numerous adverse effects they cause. That is why it is important to monitor their use and be aware of these possible adverse effects.
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Judge denies Amber Heard's motion to dismiss lawsuit by actor Johnny Depp
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п»ї<title>Judge denies Amber Heard's motion to dismiss lawsuit by actor Johnny Depp</title>

The marriage of actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard only lasted 15 months, but it has starred in one of the most intense legal lawsuits. Since the end of the relationship in 2016, neither party has put a pause to the conflict and have filed multiple lawsuits.
It all started when Amber Heard filed for divorce and a restraining order. This, because she claimed that Depp had physically and psychologically abused her throughout the relationship.
However, the actor always stated that these facts were lies. Thus, they reached an agreement in which it was stipulated that the actress would withdraw the injunction if Johnny paid her 7 million dollars to donate to some foundations.
In 2018, the mess was reignited after Amber exposed in The Washington Post that she had suffered domestic violence actions. Because of this, Depp once again denied the facts and formalized a lawsuit for slander.
Continue reading: How to resolve couple's conflicts effectively according to psychology
Johnny Depp's resourcesThe actor filed the defamation lawsuit in 2019 and with it he expects to have a compensation of 50 million dollars. For, he considers that his ex-wife has raised lies that have truncated his professional projects.
In the middle of each of the conflicts, Johnny Depp also decided to sue "The Sun" because in a 2018 publication he called him a "woman abuser". However, Amber Heard was the newspaper's witness and the judge after hearing the versions of both parties gave the news media the reason.
As a result, Heard filed an appeal to have Depp's lawsuit dropped. But, Judge Penney Azcarate, rejected the request and said that the process had to continue.
The judge's argument is that the case with The Sun is separate. This, since the newspaper exposed the real statements that the woman issued, but now it remains to prove whether those versions are true.
Thus, Johnny Depp received the legal support to continue preparing his evidence and appear at the final trial to be held in 2022.
Discover: 15 types of conflicts: characteristics and how to resolve them.
The current scenarioApart from this, Depp has pointed out that he doubts that Amber Heard gave the dollars to the foundations. For this reason, he filed another lawsuit to clarify the destination of that money.
As a result, a New York judge ordered the Civil Liberties Union to show evidence that the money reached the entities. Thus, the fate of these facts may also be crucial to next year's showdown.
In addition, in the last time some recordings have been revealed where the woman claims to have beaten Depp. Thus, the trial has collected new evidence and the dispute is still at one of its most critical points.
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7 signs of emotional neglect in your family
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п»ї<title>7 signs of emotional neglect in your family</title>

Among the signs of emotional neglect in your family is not being aware of this reality for some time. After all, when you grow up in an environment where other people's feelings are not taken into account, you assume that this is the norm and rarely question it. We are like castaways on a small island on which to survive in the most absolute affective abandonment.
We understand emotional neglect as that lack of response and attention from our parents to our needs for attachment, validation, security and love. The consequences of this type of relational dynamics are immense, but as we say, it is difficult to be aware of them while we are children.
It is when we reach our early youth or adulthood that these consequences become evident. Who was accustomed to shouting in childhood assumes, for example, that the fact that his partner shouts at him is something normal. The person who was not loved in childhood walks through the world disconnected from himself, longing for any form of love. Because when self-esteem is fragile, any kind of affection serves as a prosthesis.
Therefore, it is very likely that many of our current psychological deficiencies and sufferings have this same origin. We analyze the signs that characterize it.
"Misfortune is never pure, neither is happiness. But as soon as we turn it into a story, we give a meaning to suffering and understand, long afterwards, how we were able to transform a misfortune into wonder."
-Boris Cyrulnik
What are the signs of emotional neglect in your family? Donald W. Winnicott (1896-1971) was one of the most decisive figures in understanding the bonds between children and their attachment figures. He was president of the British Psychoanalytical Society and of the Pediatric Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. Among his books, Playing and Reality, (1953) stands out in particular. This work marked a before and after for many reasons.
In those pages he was able to demonstrate how the adult we are depends on the connection we built in the past with our parents. The foundations of mental health depend to a great extent on that bond and on the first childhood experiences. Winnicot also stressed that it is not necessary to be perfect in order to raise a child. It is enough to be good, respectful and affectionate.
The basis of a child's good psychoemotional and neurological development is nurtured by this enriching and healthy bond with his or her parents. Emotional neglect, on the other hand, has a serious impact on human beings. In fact, research work such as that carried out at Brunel University even speaks of psychobiological consequences that could be behind many psychological problems.
Let us now understand some of these warning signs.
1. Your parents do not take your feelings into accountOne of the signs of emotional neglect in your family is to see how your parents do not take your needs or feelings into account. What you might feel didn't matter. What you needed, thought or suffered was irrelevant.
What is striking, however, is that these types of people not only neglect their own children. Generally, these types of profiles do not take into account anyone's emotions or needs. Neither of their partner, family or friends. Moreover, they are figures with a deficient emotional management, unable even to understand or manage their own emotions.
2. No one was aware of your shortcomings, but you knew something was wrongYou had food, clothes, toys and a good education. They were with you at home, helped you with your homework and asked you sometimes how you were doing in school or what you wanted for your birthday.
You had parents who were present, but emotionally absent. You may even have been told around you by other family members and even your teachers that you had good parents. However, you knew something was wrong.
Conversations with them were superficial. They never went deep into what you were feeling, thinking, dreaming....
They invalidated you emotionally. They taught you early on that crying is for the weak, that disappointments are swallowed, that getting excited or angry is naive.
Little by little you internalized that they would never alleviate your fears or worries and that they would not be emotionally available for you.
3. You have experienced a sense of emptiness or emotional numbnessAnother sign of emotional neglect is gradually developing an unfathomable sense of inner emptiness. Not having external emotional validation from the people we love is a risk factor for our emotional world to devolve into chaos.
Childhood emotional neglect is a form of psychological abuse. It does not matter that there are no physical blows. The simple fact of neglecting the emotional needs of a child is already a form of traumatic aggression.
4. You have competed with your siblings for parental recognitionWhen the neglectful parent does not offer affection to the children, they will spend much of their time trying to get it somehow. They will try to get your attention in any way they can. They will even compete with their siblings to be the one who excels the most in something and thus achieve some kind of emotional caress. Although this rarely happens.
5. They never saw in you any virtues, but they saw in you many defects. Generally, those parents who exercise this type of emotional mistreatment are usually strict and hyper demanding with their children. They belong to that category in which they focus on bringing out defects and faults in the children, but without ever highlighting a single positive aspect, without ever giving them any reinforcement.
6. Your interests do not matter, your tastes are undervaluedAnother sign of emotional negligence in your family is the continuous undervaluation of your illusions, tastes and passions. They are figures accustomed to minimize your achievements, to ridicule what interests you or has value for you. These dynamics end up undermining self-esteem completely.
7. There is verbally aggressive disciplineThe language used by emotionally abusive people is one of aggression, invalidation, criticism... Violent communication leaves a mark in the brain, which normalizes yelling, disrespect and lack of empathy.
The way you are addressed can condition you in many ways. To conclude, if we are aware that many of these dynamics have been present in our past, it is time to address what hurts, relieve voids, repair self-esteem, identity and self-concept. A bad childhood does not have to condition our life permanently.
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